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Squeeky Toys: DIY Kits, Space Toys and more

Image of Squeeky Toys: DIY Kits, Space Toys and more


Selection of 1960s space toys to new DIY kits. Action figures, toys, puzzles, collector books, prints, and more. Selection coming from at price points for collector toys to those for kids of any age to play with.

Sample selection at AMAZON SHOP:, with more at (more available. draft site for sample Star Wars, Star Trek, and Xmen products)

Ask us for more details at

BENEFIT ITEMS: $5-$12,000 toys $ All price points in between. (10-50-90% donation)

$10 action figure, loose. (no box, but that means it's easier to play with. tons, ask about your favorite space or superhero action figures)

$20 Action figure: Star Trek or Xmen, Playmates 1995, Star Wars Power of the Force and more. (in the box, new action figures retail $11- $15 at least at a store like Target. Includes shipping)

$50 Star Trek Xmas Ornament, selected figures and sets

$100 autographed figures:

Mrs. Gene Rodenberry, Lwanaxa Troi, Deana's mother, Playmates 1995, in box.

Babylon 5 Lando in Ambassador suit 9 inch doll, Jason Carter (signed on his picture on the side of the box. live autograph Convergence MN 2011)

$25,000 sponsor level: 1928 Buddly L antique toy ride on train, custom trellis. 20 feet long, professionaly restored, this was one meant to be sat on by kids. Great for a corporate lobby, comes with sponsor plaque. ($12k value, 50% to CSP, LIFTPORT or SBSP)

Selections vary so contact us at for current list and mention LIFTPORT or SBSP ($20 refers to selected figures.)

With partner, MN Nonprofit organization and Leeward Space Foundation 5013c (10%-90% of sales to CSP, Liftport, SBSP depending on item)