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LiftPort Group Lunar Space Elevator products

Image of LiftPort Group Lunar Space Elevator products


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WEBSITE at (2.0 coming soon)

Research, Tethered Towers weather balloon and wifi, robotics, nanotech, and more. weather balloon and wifi

Robotics: (closed) 2.0 Graphics by

Video by

Subscription video
Bookshop at Amazon, book club
Art (space art coming soon)
Mithreal (TM) metal strength enhanced rings Space Action figures benefit
Gear coming soon: Tshirts, mugs, bags to use and wear it at our Lunar Elevator Invitational conference. (details coming soon on our range of tshirts, mugs, posters, and more.)

More being added

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1. iFolio showcase for apps, websites or powerpoints
Free or $20 for pro.

2. LiftPortal: Lunar Education Mobile App

(have different products at different price points, let's chat!)