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LiftPortal Space Education OS nonprofit

Image of LiftPortal Space Education OS nonprofit


Neil Armstrong Prize:

$20 prizes available at different levels.

Friendship bracelet Jewelry: Tethered Towers authentic Tether fiber Necklace (with a blue gray and red bead on each (liftport brand colors). Wear this high tech material tether fiber. At $4000/ kg you're sure to be a hit with this innovative product. (Ships after demo.)

$100 donation: (coming soon: Postcard set, buttons and schwag as available.)

VOTE for us (and watch for startup products)

ITEMS from: (screen savers digital art) use code LIFTPORT

Selection from other artists coming soon!



BUY A SONG $5: and (.99 download + support for instructional design programs)

In partnership with, @LeewardSpaceFoundation (501c3) and @Community Safety Programs Inc (MN nonprofit corp),